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We would like to welcome you to Coupon-A-Codes and thank you for checking us out.  We know that you have many choices when it comes to coupon code sites online and we want to be the one you come back to. Many coupon code sites are very good with great online codes that can save you money, but more often than not, many are just bogus affiliate linked sites, stuffing cookies into your browser. If you are new to coupon code sites, please click on our newbies link to understanding coupon codes. (Coming Soon)

Below is how and why we are different.

  1. We verify all of our coupon codes manually. This means that we do not just pull coupons from all over the web without verification. Many fake coupons get submitted to us everyday, so we filter them manually.
  2. We provide reviews on each and every store our site. These reviews are based on our staff’s opinion and we do not hold back any punches when reviewing a store. Please note that if a store does not have a review, check back soon to find one.
  3. Part of our profits from your online savings gets passed along on to a good cause. We donate a portion of our profits to the Shriner’s Hospitals and the Humane Society.

So where do we make a profit? We profit from linking the stores to affiliate programs such as Rakuten, Shareasale, and Commission Junction. We also have online reviews of products listed on Amazon and position placement ads from Google.

Christina Salerno

Meet our President of Coupon-A-Codes, Christina Salerno

Christina Salerno holds a Masters Degree in business (MBA) and an undergraduate in Digital Marketing (BA). She has worked in retail from the age of 14 starting with her grandmother bargain basement shop in Tampa Florida. During college, she worked at Nordstrom’s and took an internship at Saks Fifth Avenue.

After college Christina started her carer in retail marketing and attended the Macy’s Omni Management Training to become certified in digital merchandising.

After 10 years with Macy’s, Christina ventured out to start an online marketing business. With her knowledge, she manages multiple online companies with teams all over the united states.

Her love is of Children and Animals (primarily dogs) and has set out to make Coupon-A-Codes as with her other companies, give back to help the innocent. She has dedicated that most of the profits earned will go to the Shriner’s Hospitals and the Humane Society to fulfill the promise she made to her grandmother 20 years earlier before her passing.

“My goal in life is to support my family and my love of the innocent children and abused animals. This is why I have been put here on the planet.” – Christina Salerno, 2015