About Us

We appreciate you visiting Coupon-A-Codes. We aim to be the online discount code site you return to despite the fact that you have a lot of options. While many coupon code websites provide excellent online discounts that can help you save money, most of them are actually simply phony affiliate-linked sites that place cookies in your browser. Please click on our newbie’s link to learn more about discount codes if you are unfamiliar with coupon code websites.

Why We Are Unique With Others:

  1. We verify all of our coupon codes manually. This means that we do not just pull coupons from all over the web without verification. Many fake coupons get submitted to us every day, so we filter them manually.
  2. We provide reviews on each and every store on our site. These reviews are based on our staff’s opinion and we do not hold back any punches when reviewing a store. Please note that if a store does not have a review, check back soon to find one.
  3. Part of our profits from your online savings gets passed along to a good cause. We donate a portion of our profits to the Shriner’s Hospitals and the Humane Society.

So, we will provide you with unique work from others, and we will get back to you within 5-6 business days.